Meet Luca, Creative Graphic Designer at Rocksteady Digital Agency.

Rocksteady Digital Agency - Luca Pantellaro - Broadwing Creative Artwork

Doodling and drawing for as far back as I can remember, art has been a very important part of my life. Creativity ran deep in everything I did, which is a trait I carried over when entering the culinary industry. Not my first choice of industry but one I embraced fully as my career progressed and my skills improved.

“Having always had an affinity for the arts from a very young age, I’ve always found inspiration all around me.”

– Luca Pantellaro

During my culinary career as a chef, I always strived to make sure that every dish I created had a perfect balance of colour, texture and artistic value – of course, if the menu allowed for it. I’m a firm believer that cooking should be regarded as an art, and I followed that belief through and through.

As the years went by though, my interests were floating around a new industry, one that I had longed to join from a young age – Graphic Design. I wanted a change, and one that would transform my life as well, so at age twenty-eight, I decided to quit my culinary career and pursue a new avenue. I quit my job, took night courses for Graphic Design and Front-End development, all while waiting for my new scholastic year to begin at the University of Malta, for a degree in Fine arts in Digital arts.

Unfortunately, after two years as an undergraduate, due to complicated circumstances, I had to retire from my course without my degree. This, however, did not kill my desire to join the industry. I took what I had learnt in two years in University, took a leap of faith and joined Rocksteady.  Under their tutelage now, I’m learning faster and more efficiently than ever before, and couldn’t be any happier with the turn-around my life has taken in the past few years.

Rocksteady Digital Agency - Luca Pantellaro - Broadwing Creative Artwork
Rocksteady Digital Agency - Luca Pantellaro - Broadwing Creative Artwork