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Online Business Strategy

We execute strategy through market research, big data, and BI, accompanied by creative advertising campaigns.

Supported by cutting-edge technologies and an approach that embraces innovation, we know the mechanics required behind creating a robust online strategy and presence that would hold its own against a nationally saturated market.

We work closely with our clients to develop business strategies that deliver qualified leads and measurable results, providing integration across both online and offline platforms to maximise organisation performance. All the while offering a vast amount of knowledge and experience in marketing, branding, concept creation, and being fully equipped with the creative flair to drive business growth and profit your shareholders.

Scalable Brand Strategy

It is essential that the brand promise is communicated across the board and always held at the centre of every company initiative. We facilitate organisations’ growth through scalable brand strategies that turn your vision into a clearly executable plan and help you improve your online visibility in days.

Business Intelligence

Data is good. Strategy is better. We give you both, but you get more than just numbers. We collect and analyse data for you, integrate and present pertinent organisation information, and give you instant recommendations to support and facilitate better business decisions.

Return On Investment

We know a lot about the importance of maximising ROI on both time and money. Our expert-driven service will empower your current processes and implement ways of understanding needs through data and monitoring tools to simultaneously provide additional sources of revenue for your business.

Redefining Industries

An effective strategy can bring positive publicity towards your organisation from media and industry analysts and give existing marketing programs an always welcome boost.


Malta Innovation Summit

On the 11th of October 2019 we supported the third edition of The Malta Innovation Summit under the theme name “CHANGEMAKERS” – bringing together top international and local business leaders and innovation stakeholders to discuss, learn and share innovation best practices.

Inspiring Audiences & Attracting Customers

Strategy is at the core of everything we do.


All online media strategies should be able to work together and convey the same message, in order to create the appropriate engagement and momentum needed in this busy marketplace. It is essential to treat each platform as a separate tool and communications need to be tweaked to reflect the nature of the platform and its users.

We excel in working with our clients to express and connect their identity with their desired audience.

System Process

Our team will collaborate with you and your providers to document your processes and infrastructure, identifying weaknesses, addressing security, compliance, and overall risk to maximise your business potential.

Service Level Agreements

We offer SLAs for ongoing support and consultation, allocating adequate resources to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. We offer guidance on how to get your company infrastructure GDPR compliant and ensure that correct documentation is in place.

Consultancy & Start-up Advice

We set direction and work as collaborators, turning your vision into a clearly executable plan. Our team is well-equipped to offer guidance on grant schemes and government funding to help fund your business and cover costs.

  • User Data & Customer Journey

  • Brand Perception and Monitoring

  • Ad Hoc Reporting & Dashboards

  • Social Listening & Positioning

  • Targeted Audiences & Demographics

  • Engagement & Efficiency

  • GDPR Support & IT Audit

  • Trademark & IP Protection

  • Government Grant Fundings

Creating innovative ideas through building brands & experiences.

We work with people who trust their instincts and are just as bold with their vision as we are.

Magilla Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing - Online Strategy Malta - Creative Marketing Company

Building Winning Teams

The success or failure of a company heavily depends on the people within it; what skills and talents they bring to the table, their background, their energy and their innovation.

Facilitating growth by utilising technology in the employment and recruitment industry in Malta and across the EU.

Supported by cutting-edge technologies and an approach that embraces innovation, we are specialists in complete recruitment solutions, guaranteeing efficient and personalised Recruitment, HR Training & Consultancy services with maximum confidentiality.

Careers Sites & ATS Syncing

What candidates view on your site reflects back on your brand. We build state-of-the-art career websites and portals, utilising the latest trends in SEO, UI & UX with the facility to sync directly to your ATS system.

Employer Branding

Organisations are run by people and everyone wants a workplace where they can thrive. We assist companies with building and maintain healthy reputations which enable them to attract and retain top talent. Stand out from the crowd.

Recruitment Process Optimisation

Our experience enables us to streamline the recruitment journey using cutting-edge CRM Software facilitating your ability to attract and retain the right talent whilst saving time and money.