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Award-Winning Recruitment Website in Malta approach Rocksteady to develop a state-of-the-art website, providing several web enhancements.

Utilising Broadwing’s award-winning experience in employment and recruitment in Malta and across the EU. Broadwing Limited approached Rocksteady to launch a new and improved recruitment portal and career website offering more features through a modern interface optimised for the users’ experience. This forms a part of the constant commitment of Broadwing to delivering a top-notch candidate and client experience, while providing its recruiters with the best tools to exceed their targets.

Malta’s Best Employer Branding Campaign of the Year Award

Malta’s Digital Communications Awards is fast growing to become one of the prestigious and sought-after awards in the industry. Malta Business Review successfully announced the introduction and launch of the 1st edition of these unique awards at Intercontinental Malta, on Friday 9th July 2021 – celebrating excellence in various industries.

Malta’s Best Recruiting Campaign of the Year Award

Following an impressive pool of shortlisted nominees and months of careful research and evaluation by some of the most respected individuals in various business industries; Broadwing edged out as the worthy victor, taking home two signature keep-sake trophies, together with the prestigious accredited certificates, holding the right of being honoured as the best in Malta.

Implementing technology has never been more critical to success in the recruitment industry.

Technology has always been a key aspect Broadwings’ philosophy for success, and with the impact of COVID, implementing technology has never been more critical to success in the recruitment industry.  More than just a luxury, agencies that do not take advantage of technology are at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to delivering a top-tier candidate and client experience.

Through extensive industry research, competitor analysis, and internal knowledge, the dynamic digital agency was able to design and develop a bespoke, purpose-built recruitment platform that would compete with Malta’s already booming employment market, as a memorable contender amongst its many competitors.

Employer Branding & Marketing

Fuelling the brands’ back office and assisting with building and maintaining healthy reputations, enabling Broadwing to attract and retain top talent.

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Industry Jobs in Malta

Building multicultural and multidisciplinary talents from around the world. With an international recruitment network, Broadwing formulates unique and powerful solutions that will help you build your team for an ever-changing recruitment landscape.

Broadwing Recruitment - Jobs in Malta - Malta Careers

The Broadwing logo represents Motion, Precision, Efficiency and Great Power.

While building the Broadwing brand, we wanted to create something that clearly represents our client’s purpose, method and values. The Broadwing brand exhibits a multi-faceted nature; creativity and innovation mixed with compassion and being people-focused. Simultaneously, Broadwing moves swiftly, efficiently and with great power.

The name Broadwing is used to describe a bird of prey that is characterised by a large and wide wingspan. These are commonly known as buzzards but eagles are also included in the same category. Broadwings hunt large prey which they target from above. Thanks to their powerful wings and heavy bodies, these hunters are perfectly designed for soaring and sudden swooping while hunting prey with their robust talons. They are normally found operating across open, rolling countryside or in mountainous regions.

Inspired by the ancient falconry tradition which dates back to the 13th century when the European emperors used to send their best falconers to obtain the most valuable birds of Maltese origin.

The Broadwing recruiters, similar to the falconers, are specialised in scanning for the best talent across a vast pool, before – just like the broadwing birds, quickly darting to make the connection between the right skillset and requirements to ensure no great opportunity is missed.

The Broadwing Brand Colours

We assessed the findings from a deep analysis of competitor websites, market trends, web design trends, and several discovery meetings and workshops.

Broadwing Magenta

We chose Magenta as the primary colour since we wanted something bold and impressive which elicits feelings of innovation and creativity. It represents balance and harmony in all aspects of life, be it, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Magenta means movement, change, and transformation; a colour that announces; “I am moving forward. I am growing.”

It is the colour for the ambitious, the compassionate and the proactive.

Broadwing Purple

Like Magenta, the colour Purple represents balance and harmony. Purple is the product of the calming energy of blue mixed with the passion and energy of red. It is a regal colour, often associated with luxury and ambition whilst also being calming and nurturing.

We also see the colour purple in recruitment terminology. The term Purple Squirrel is used to describe an individual or candidate who perfectly fits the mould that a company is trying to fill through their recruitment process.

Associated Companies & Partners

We are committed to providing an agile and effective service to our clients. Our network of service providers each bring their own expertise to the table, offering sound advice and the right connections to exceed expectations.

Magilla Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing - Online Strategy Malta - Creative Marketing Company

Building Winning Teams

The success or failure of a company heavily depends on the people within it; what skills and talents they bring to the table, their background, their energy and their innovation.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Improving your company’s talent acquisition strategy

Supported by cutting-edge technologies and an approach that embraces innovation, we are specialists in complete recruitment solutions, guaranteeing efficient and personalised Recruitment, HR Training & Consultancy services with maximum confidentiality.

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