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The performance of innovative and entrepreneurial companies plays a vital role in the growth of their respective industries as well as of the Maltese economy as a whole. In pursuit of consistent excellence, while raising the industry standard, awards celebrate those who have achieved remarkable results in spite of the numerous challenges experienced by the impact of COVID-19. Winning business awards from credible third parties can go a long way in solidifying your reputation as a trustworthy brand that delivers.

Broadwing Recruitment – Winners at the eBusiness Awards 2021

This year, Rocksteady Digital has delivered a series of successes and multiple prestigious awards for Broadwing Ltd. and the recruitment industry, including Best Social Media Campaign at the eBusiness Awards hosted by Tech.mt earlier this month, as well as Malta’s Best Employer Branding Campaign and Best Recruiting Campaign of the Year at the Malta Digital Communications Awards by the Malta Business Review – growing  to become one of the most prestigious and sought-after awards in the industry.

Following an impressive pool of shortlisted nominees and months of careful research and evaluation by some of the most respected individuals in various business industries; Broadwing edged out as the worthy victor, taking home three signature keep-sake trophies, together with the prestigious accredited certificates, holding the right of being honoured as the best in Malta.

Broadwing Recruitment approached Rocksteady to develop a state-of-the-art website – providing several web enhancements, as well as, designing and developing a bespoke, smart, and flexible digital marketing campaign that would compete with Malta’s already booming employment market, as a memorable contender amongst its many competitors.

Designing and developing a bespoke, smart, and flexible digital marketing campaign

There is no doubt today that a strong web presence is an essential part of every communications campaign. It is vital that all online media work together to convey the same message and support each other, in order to create the appropriate engagement and momentum needed in this busy marketplace.

Social Media has been one of the biggest game-changers in the market and provides a powerful tool to engage with your target audience, it has also become one of the greatest contributors to SEO. It is crucial to treat each platform as a separate tool and communications need to be tweaked to reflect the nature of the platform and its users.

Since its inception, Rocksteady has consistently fuelled the staffing agency’s back office and assisted with building and maintaining healthy reputations, enabling Broadwing to attract and retain top talent.

Broadwing has achieved exponential organic growth in its social media following since its inception in 2018 and consistently reported quarterly growth while maintaining a perfect 5-star rating. The team has continuously and actively onboard new clients and have been able to increase their client base despite the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. This has been accomplished through consistent and targeted organic marketing and the launch of various sub-brands including Muovo, Check My Salary, Find A Job, and HR Talks.

There’s a lot more to a successful social media campaign than follower numbers, but a strategy to increase the clients reach across different audiences and demographics is important to both the campaign and the organisation.

Industries and their accompanying follower counts can and do fluctuate through many variable factors. A varied content strategy, targeted to several different audiences and markets will reduce this fluctuation and ensure positive follower growth. The use of third-party social media management tools not only help planning, scheduling and content distribution but also provide regular analysis and reporting. Data originating from various analytic packages (such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights) assist and define ‘personas’ which will then influence the client’s approach towards the message creation.

Rocksteady Digital Agency - Malta eBusiness Awards

WINNER for Best Social Media Campaign 2021

Broadwing Recruitment takes home Best Social Media Campaign at the eBusiness Awards 2021.

Running performance analysis based on data from actual users around the world

Google has provided a number of tools over the years to measure and report on performance. The broadwing.jobs website has continued to improve in SEO ranking since its launch and is currently placing 1st on Google when searching for terms such as: “Recruitment Agency in Malta”. In addition, the Broadwing portal scores high on Google PageSpeed Insights, desktop and mobile, being optimised for quality of user experience to the long-term success.

Rocksteady was able to deliver and execute a strategy based on market research, big data, and business intelligence. From ideation to delivery, the tech-inspired agency fostered CX and digital transformation by producing designer-quality customer journey maps and personas, to deliver insights that matter to the business.

“We are currently in the process of further developing a smart integration between the Broadwing website and Facebook Jobs via their Beta API in order to automatically publish jobs on Facebook” – Alan Cini, Founder at Rocksteady Digital Agency Ltd.

“Integrating custom questions for each sector and job to automatically request additional information relevant to the specific vacancy, filter candidates and direct them through different journeys based on their answers.” – Ben Pace Lehner, Founder at Rocksteady Digital Agency Ltd. adding, “This will significantly increase the number of direct applications received through Facebook while reducing time for administrators and recruiters to process applications and request additional information.”

Read how Rocksteady delivered a strategic and smart marketing campaign through means of creating a unique user-centric customer journey and applying smart data to deliver a higher marketing ROI.

A well-thought-out strategy is crucial to the success of any project and ensures that the business’ objectives are met. This project was positioned between the business’ operational goals and its online marketing strategy.

We would like to acknowledge and express our gratitude to the Adjudicating Committee and the public who took this opportunity and voted Broadwing Recruitment for the Best Social Media Campaign Award 2021.

Rocksteady Marketing Agency - Broadwing Recruitment - Jobs in Malta

Facilitating growth by utilising technology in the employment and recruitment industry in Malta and across the EU.

Broadwing Limited recently launched a new and improved recruitment portal and career website offering more features through a modern interface optimised for the users’ experience. This forms a part of our constant commitment to deliver a top-notch candidate and client experience while providing our recruiters with the best tools to exceed their targets.

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