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We are a creative-minded, human-centered, tech-savvy digital agency.

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We believe Designers & Technologists are the
ROCKSTARS of the 21st Century

Crashing through the fine line between Strategy, Design, User Experience & Technology.

We are a creative-minded, human-centred, and tech-savvy digital agency based in Malta, Europe. Delving into the ways in which technology is shaping the world today, we are ambitious to create innovative ideas through building brands, products, and experiences. Our unique blend of expertise and knowledge across the world of technology, creativity, and marketing enables us to create strategies and campaigns which truly transform brands and organisations, opening up possibilities, inspiring audiences, attracting customers, and generating sales.

Rocksteady Digital - Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

We help our clients innovate and get ahead. We work with them in identifying fresh ideas and help understand what their customers want.

Rocksteady Digital - Delivery & Design

Design & Delivery

We turn vision into reality combing exceptional design, development and strategy to execute beautiful results that set companies apart.

Rocksteady Digital - Launch & Scale

Launch & Scale

We assist leaders, start-ups and ambitious brands by helping them scale rapidly, gain competitive advantage and achieve commercial victories.

Rocksteady Digital - Transform & Change

Transform & Change

We are part of a fast growing, ever-changing digital world. Our teams transform experiences and achieve real business results for clients.

Online Business Strategies that will make youMMWONK!

We exist to help people discover, define and develop their visions and ambitions through the digital world.

We Support

The largest technology event in Malta

The largest technology event in Malta

MRO:19 Technology & Gadgets Expo

The Malta Robotics Olympiad has become the largest technology event in Malta. With an ever-increasing number of exhibitors, hands-on workshops for all ages and six major events under one roof, the MRO aims to bring young people together to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills through challenging and educational robotics challenges.

Rocksteady Digital Agency

Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency

We Rock’n’roll with Online Strategy & Technology, synthesise Creativity & User Experience, jam-out Smart Data & Insights to Boost Business Performance!

Rocksteady is an innovative, cutting-edge, digital agency based in Malta.

We work on a diverse range of digital services and products as well as focusing on building user-centric experiences for our clients. The core competencies of our team range from online strategy, advertising, branding, design, web development and software solutions.

We deliver a personal, passionate and tailored service to each of our clients.

This includes identification of opportunities for business development, promotion, and online marketing, maintenance, server administration and hosting, through the use of digital space and online services.

Business & Strategy

Our combined experience across the entire digital spectrum allows us to take a unique approach to online strategy. We create effective bespoke strategies that deliver results and fuel business growth. We transform your brand and organisation to inspire your audience and attract new customers, all the while, generating more sales and revenue.


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Tech & Web Development

Harnessing creativity and technology to provide services and solutions that accelerate growth; We design and build creative applications across mobile, web and connected devices, delivering a rewarding Customer Experience through top-notch (UI) design principles. We leverage the latest technologies to produce best-in-class products.


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Creative & Branding

Every design, detail and decision is purposefully crafted to strengthen your brand and customer experience. We believe in a purpose-driven approach to find the most effective way to communicate our client’s message to the desired target audience, by applying our knowledge in creative design methods and combined excellence in technology-inspired solutions.


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Marketing & Media

We set direction and work as collaborators, turning your vision into a clearly executable plan. Our digital heritage allows us to take a smart and flexible approach to online digital marketing and communications. We test, iterate and improve on your bespoke strategy and digital marketing campaigns to consistently increase results and cost-efficiency.


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Creating innovative ideas through building brands & experiences.

We work with people who trust their instincts and are just as bold with their vision as we are.

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The best thing about our company is our culture. We work among motivated friends! Do you want to showcase your digital work? Send us your portfolio and join the herd!

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Brainshop: Inside Our Digital Workshop

Developing your organisation’s key competencies necessarily means investing in the continuous development of staff to cope with their work demands, meet their skill shortages and eventually add value to what the organisation is doing, this becomes the cornerstone of the organisation’s success in today’s fast-paced digital economy. The success of training activities is usually seen in the additional value that is created in organisational performance.

The Brainshop provides the digital skills you need to grow your business and your career. Free of charge content from industry Rockstars!

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