In the digital age, all types of businesses are exploring new strategies to teach skills and build a sense of community among their employees.

Due to the versatility of technology, these new strategies have taken on many forms that utilize different mediums of communication. One such strategy that has gained recognition is the use of eSports for teambuilding and professional development.

eSports has surged in worldwide popularity over the past decade, and as a result, more businesses are using organised video game competitions to help train and develop staff. While using video games to boost productivity may seem counterintuitive to some managers, that view of gaming and video games is changing as the industry and its understanding continues to evolve.

Today, more and more video games are trying to connect with different spheres of life in order to make them more attractive and interesting. Accordingly, more and more people are trying to use them in the form of teambuilding and competitions that can benefit businesses and their employees in several distinct ways.

eSports Plaza - Why Is Gaming The Future Of Team Building And Employer Branding?

Our DNA is built on experiences. We are gamers first, and tech enthusiasts second.

Today, Rocksteady Digital dives deep into the gaming ecosystem and binds a connection with video games, computer graphics and a whole lot of entertainment at eSports Plaza.

Want to establish your place amongst the most desirable workplaces through new ways of employer branding? You’ve come to the right place!

You may have heard of the Malta-based company Rocksteady and how they are using gaming as a teambuilding technique to bring employees together and maintain a positive work atmosphere.

The broad spectrum of video games as far as possibilities, experiences and approaches are concerned also needs to be pointed out here. In order to master a game, different skills and competencies are required, which players can acquire and improve during the game, but that they also bring to the game themselves, and in the case of eSports games or playing in a league, skills such as team spirit, self-discipline and organisational talent are also required.

“We are fascinated by computer games and also the diversity and culture that has developed around gaming is constantly evolving.”

– Alan Cini, Director, Rocksteady Digital

That’s where inclusive gaming and eSports Plaza come into play! Located inside Malta’s renowned shopping mall – The Plaza Shopping Centre in Sliema. The new state-of-the-art fully-fledged eSports facility comes with six PS5s, complete with comfortable sofas, where gamers can take on each other in games such as FIFA 22, Fortnite and Tekken 7. There are also 20 gaming PCs, each with their own set of soundproof headphones.

While the facility is open to everyone, it has also been designed to cater for gaming professionals, and comes with a studio where tournaments, bootcamps and lectures can take place.

“Intrigued by what people are able to accomplish in eSports. At the same time, I am equally drawn by what eSports has already become in this country.” 

– Alan Cini, Director, Rocksteady Digital

Economy Minister Silvio Schembri said the government’s goal is for the video game development and eSports sectors to contribute to 1% of Malta’s GDP within the next eight years.

Plaza Shopping Centre chairperson Charles Farrugia said the €250,000 investment will kickstart a new shopping mall experience in Malta, while Malta Gaming Foundation CEO Ivan Filletti said the island’s connectivity and historical backdrop lend themselves to an ideal eSports destination.

Malcolm Saleeb, the director of eSports Plaza, hailed this project as one based on the love towards eSports.

“By merging the family entertainment aspect with the professional side, we are ensuring that eSports is easily accessible to everyone,”  he said. “Our main intention is to contribute to the growth of the Maltese eSports scene and help place Malta on the map as an ideal destination for eSports activities.”

If you feel adventurous and open to a new and innovative way of ensuring employee satisfaction, contact eSports Plaza to make teambuilding tailored to your needs!


eSports Plaza - Why Is Gaming The Future Of Team Building And Employer Branding?

eSports Plaza

Located at the heart of Sliema, eSports Plaza, as true to its name, is a hub. A hub for gamers, enthusiasts, newcomers & industry professionals alike who come together for the love of esports.

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