Malta’s first shopping mall – est. 1993.

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The Plaza Shopping Complex Rebrand 2023

The Plaza underwent a transformative rebranding by Rocksteady Digital, revitalising its essence with a bold, vibrant, and contemporary appeal, infused with an edgy twist

The Plaza Lifestyle Centre

By leveraging The Plaza’s established brand identity, we brainstormed ways to elevate the vitality and cultivate a unique, upbeat atmosphere. The Plaza Shopping Centre embodies a fusion of daring and whimsy, serving as a vibrant hub where modern style and cultural essence converge.

We recognised the paramount importance of The Plaza directly engaging with their esteemed customers, hence why our strategy revolved around forging connections that transcend mere transactions, aiming to establish trust and loyalty through empathy and relatability. By aligning the tone of voice with the conversational nature of their interactions, we ensured that our brand remains not only accessible but also deeply resonant. This personalised approach reflects the dedication to understand every unique need and preference, allowing The Plaza to tailor their services accordingly.

Rebranding & Marketing

A vision transformed into reality.

The Plaza Centre - Malta - Rebrand 2023 - Logo


Shop. Eat. Train. Play. Glow.

The Plaza Brand Colours

To foster authenticity, loyalty, and trust, brands must forge deep, meaningful connections with their audience. We have strategically employed adaptable and flexible colors in The Plaza’s branding strategy, enabling seamless categorisation and integration of new lifestyle and retail segments within The Plaza.

The Plaza Shopping Centre - Malta - Fashion Retail (Red)

Plaza Red

Applying colour psychology in branding, The Plaza will integrate the colour red to evoke connections with passion, excitement, and a sense of urgency, strategically employing it for fashion and clothing retail establishments.

The Plaza Shopping Centre - Malta - Thirty Year Anniversary Logo(Purple)

Plaza Purple

Colour psychology attributes purple to qualities such as luxury, creativity, and wisdom. The Plaza will align itself with these associations by adopting and utilising purple as it’s main primary brand colour.

The Plaza Shopping Centre - Malta - Dining (Yellow)

Plaza Yellow

The incorporation of the colour yellow in The Plaza’s branding strategy for its food offerings, including the Food Hall and restaurants, aims to elicit emotions of optimism, happiness, and energy.

The Plaza Shopping Centre - Malta - Training (Green)

Plaza Green

The selection of the colour green in The Plaza’s branding strategy, particularly in relation to Fitness, Training, and Wellbeing, aims to evoke associations with nature, growth, and harmony.

The Plaza Shopping Centre - Malta - Gaming, Hobbies, Toys (Blue)

Plaza Blue

The strategic adoption of the colour blue in The Plaza’s branding, specifically within the realms of gaming, technology, and eSports, is intended to foster perceptions of trust, stability, and reliability.

The Plaza Shopping Centre - Malta - Beauty, Grooming, Body Stores Logo (Pink)

Plaza Pink

In the realm of branding, colour psychology establishes pink as a symbol of warmth, gentleness, and compassion. The Plaza will leverage this association by incorporating and utilising the colour pink specifically for the Beauty and Make-up segments

The Plaza Centre Logo

Out with the Flat and in with the BOLD!

Inspired by the latest renovations done at both The Plaza entrances, the new 3D embodied logo design represents an exciting step in the expansion of the shopping centre into a vibrant lifestyle experience.

By incorporating a more dynamic design while retaining its classic look, the logo emphasises The Plaza’s commitment to evolution while honouring its roots. The addition of a 3D element to the logo brings a sense of depth and movement, symbolising the transformative journey that The Plaza is undertaking.

The new Plaza logo takes a daring step forward, leaving behind the flat design and embracing a more bolder look.

This exciting transformation reflects the shopping center’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and delivering an unforgettable experience.

With its dynamic and eye-catching design, the revamped Plaza logo commands attention. The incorporation of bold elements injects a sense of strength and confidence, symbolising the shopping center’s fearless pursuit of innovation.

Lifestyle Destinations

Discover a world of shopping delights at The Plaza Shopping Centre. Explore top brands, dining, and entertainment options. Your one-stop destination for any lifestyle!