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Technology & Website Solutions

We’ve all been told that information should be reachable within just three clicks but is this still the case?

In this post-PC era, filled with smartphones, tablets and wearable devices we are online 24x7x365 yet many businesses lack the mobile optimisation needed to meet the shift in online behaviour; although the ability to communicate with customers is at an all-time high, connecting with them has never been harder.

Ultimately the goal of most websites is to have interested visitors contact you to get more information and hopefully become customers and clients.

We practice designing and developing an online experience for mobile before designing for the desktop web or any other device. Website portals are all developed using the latest technologies, SEO best practices to improve the Search Engine Ranking (SERP), optimised performance, and accessibility. We focus on a user-centric UI/UX across multiple browsers through the implementation of a highly modular and customisable CMS to ensure a future-proof website that can be updated.

Website Development

From developing a simple static page to a complex, dynamic web application, a website is often an organisation’s first and most meaningful point of interaction with its audience. We create websites and applications utilising the latest trends in SEO, responsive ‘Mobile First’ UI and UX, comprehensive Content Management Systems, and eCommerce solutions that deliver a powerful first impression.

eCommerce Platforms

Tap into eCommerce locally & abroad – Set up your store once to easily sync and sell across a website, social media, marketplaces like Amazon, and live in-person. We design and develop eCommerce solutions, including eStores, featuring Product Listing and Category Search, Shopper Basket, Checkout and Order Processing, with the facility to sync directly to your POS (Point Of Sale) system.

Online Security & Backup

Every online package includes the necessary security features and backup facilities, to prevent cyberattacks from harming your online business. We take security seriously. Moreover, we enforce SSL certificates across all websites and implement effective online security measures to reduce or eliminate the possibility of security threats and protect your business’s interests as well as your customer information.

Web Services & APIs

Whether you’re running applications that share photos or support the critical operations of your business, we are well-equipped to build on the data and functionality of your application, as well as integrate Web Services and APIs that provide rapid access to flexible and fluid IT resources.

Payment Solutions (Gateway)

There is no limit to how many payment methods you can set up, but two or three methods should suffice. With online payment methods, you can accept credit/debit cards, PayPal or cryptocurrency in your online store. We integrate fast, secure online payment solutions and coordinate to open a merchant account with a local or international payment processor.

Software Solutions

Every organisation is unique and strives for profitability. We focus on creating software solutions designed to reach your company goals by proposing specific vertical or horizontal applications across all sectors. We deliver cost-effective solutions and bespoke tailor-made software adapted to your needs.

A Shout Out To Some Of Our Amazing Clients!

Coding can sometimes feel like you’re stuck in the mud… but we love it!

A herd that works well together understands the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Our young and dynamic team share a common goal to bring major projects to fruition with excellent results. Through a deep understanding of our client’s makeup and motivations, we embark on comprehensive research processes to uncover key points in today’s consumer-centric environment.


A Malta-based law firm established in 2008 to service an ever-growing international client base seeking a business approach to legal services.

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Broadwing Ltd.

Broadwing is an award-winning employment agency based in Malta. The company targets businesses and candidates alike offering Recruitment, HR, Training and Relocation services.

View Project

Public-Private Partnership, was established in 2019 by the Government of Malta and the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, to promote Malta as a tech centre for innovative technologies.

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Operating flexibly between both primary and secondary art markets by providing a beautifully curated and quintessential range of contemporary and antique artworks for sale.

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Whimsy Castle

Whimsy Castle is a vibrant, new online kids store dedicated to providing dedicated to sustainable and high-quality bedroom furnishings & interiors, select toys, gifts & everyday essentials.

View Project

The Penthouse

Offering a unique blend of first class luxuriously finished business space in a cutting edge design environment with the latest high-end specifications and finishes designed to project an image of success.

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Crashing Through The Barriers

By utilising technology to not only market your services to customers, but to improve engagement and efficiency.


We travel as a herd and provide the best support to our partners. With a flair for keeping your services healthy, and giving a helping hand to those that might fall a bit ill, we will always be there to make sure you’re stampeding at full force. Let us help you visualise these challenges and work productively towards solving them. From application development to software solutions, CRMs and CMSs we will provide you with a robust end product.

Microsites & Landing Pages

Sometimes an advertising campaign requires an approach that sits outside of your corporate website. We are specialists in creating bespoke campaign microsites and landing pages to help support a wider community and improve conversions.

Office 365 & Exchange eMail Hosting

Office 365 gives you cloud-based access to all your favourite Microsoft Office applications, and Exchange email hosting. We know how important it is for businesses to have the right email service with the right features such as ample storage space, protection from viruses and spam, and effective support.

Domains, Hosting & Maintenance

We offer domain and web hosting to help seamlessly establish your identity. When it comes to ensuring a smooth experience on your website, we can help organise the best-managed hosting solution maintained by our experts.

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Content Management Systems

  • CRMs & ERPs

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Responsive Technology

  • Platform Integration

  • WordPress & Shopify

  • Live Chat Function

  • Online Booking System

Creating innovative ideas through building brands & experiences.

We work with people who trust their instincts and are just as bold with their vision as we are.

For every industry, there’s a steady solution.

We dig deeper into user digital behaviour. Today’s audience is a mobile shopping generation!

Startups & SMEs

We’re experts at web development for small and established businesses. If you are thinking of doing it alone and starting a new business, but think it’s all too complicated, let us help you take off your idea.

eSports & iGaming

Cutting edge affiliate portals dedicated to promoting the most acclaimed and anticipated gaming resources. We empower and support your everyday activities, optimise your partner relationships and maximise results.


Ideal for those who are looking to have an online store set up. Start an eCommerce Project and benefit from an eStore that includes product listing and category search, shopper basket, checkout and order processing.

Start a Tech Project in Malta

Rocksteady is your preferred tech partner, developing your business strategy and setting up your online digital experience. We aim to facilitate the development of attractive, cutting-edge and user-friendly online platforms for small and established businesses.

If you are thinking of doing it alone and starting a new business, but think it’s all too complicated, let us help you take off your idea. We have the formula to take your small business global, capture your audience’s attention, generate new leads and ultimately maximising ROI in both time and money.

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