Whether gazing out across the savannah or next to street art in a vibrant city, we are inspired by the world around us.

The Rocksteady Team: Sean, Ben, Alan, Luca

We bring to you, the extraordinary story of the most exciting brand of all time…

What’s distinctive about humans is that we can imagine something and then make it real. Harnessing the latest findings in evolution, biology, and archaeology new synthesis show that the great drivers of human progress have been creativity and cooperation. As people, we seek to express ourselves, to give something to the world, to create spaces, and leave behind a footprint that will always remind the next generation of who we are. We want to be seen, to be heard and most of all, to be remembered.

Creativity is what makes us so special as a species. Many of us turn to music, art, writing, film-making, gardening, cooking, and anything else you can imagine in order to express something we feel inside, by means of a distinct medium.

In this particular world, designers, as well as technologists, have come to flourish. Artists are now able to draw on digital surfaces, to create designs, drawings, patterns, and anything else their minds could fathom. Technologists find creative ways, every single day, in order to solve the next biggest challenge. Our reality has become defined by the digital. However, very few of us still write on paper, read on paper or even speak in person. We have come to face a situation, wherein once again, the human had to adapt to the ever-changing world around him.

“At Rocksteady we have a commonly shared belief, that designers and technologists are the ROCKSTARS of the 21st century”

We try to find a balance between the digital and the real, bringing the pen and paper back, handwriting to-do lists, ideas, goals and even our dreams, all the while, making the best use of what technology brings today – Yes, the best of both worlds. Human interaction is also a very important part of our roles, it allows us room for pitching ideas verbally as well as to grow, change or alter those ideas by means of physical conversation.

Being a part of Rocksteady means that you will always have a voice! Our team is not the biggest, but we pride ourselves on the fact that every person can bring a countless number of brilliant ideas to the table. We listen, we think and then, we act.

We’ve all seen or heard people say that sometimes, as companies grow, communication becomes less transparent, and this might cause ideas to get lost along the way. Therefore, we always make sure to make everyone feel like their ideas are important and that we want to hear them! We always make sure that each addition to our team feels that our environment is a collaborative one, not by choice but by nature.

Our company culture at Rocksteady is engraved in stone. We want our team to be creative, happy, hard-working, and collaborative. We strive to have employees who feel at home and who feel appreciated, and we’ve found that this is a key element for keeping people engaged and the work that they create remains of the uppermost quality.

Rocksteady Digital Agency

Crashing through the fine line between Strategy, Design, User Experience & Technology

We are a creative-minded, human-centred, tech-savvy digital agency that creates innovative ideas through building brands, products, and experiences. 

Our unique blend of expertise and experiences across the world of technology, creativity, and marketing enables us to create strategies and campaigns which truly transform brands and organisations, opening possibilities, inspiring audiences, attracting customers, and ultimately generating sales.

Founded in 2015, Rocksteady is a Digital Agency that focuses on producing integrated, transformational strategies and experiences across the entire digital space. Our approach is data-led and 100% audience-focused, which allows us to solve problems in the most impactful and measurably effective way for our clients.

At Rocksteady we focus on producing as much creativity to our work as possible. From corporate branding to rhinos in spaceships and everything in between, we make sure to get your project’s creative juices flowing. We count on our creativity to help deliver the best possible end-product to our clients.

We look at everything for inspiration. From the smallest of things to the biggest ones. Whether it’s gazing out across the savannah or next to street art in a vibrant city, or even at home, witnessing something ordinary but managing to find the beauty in it. That is where we get the love and passion for our work.

As a company, we offer our team a state-of-the-art office with ample outdoor terrace space and promote a good work-life balance and working environment. This gives employees the freedom to make their own schedule and work at their own pace towards our targets, increasing productivity, engagement, loyalty, and overall happiness within the company. All of which set a good foundation for better ideas and a more productive company.

We believe that working hard to keep our company culture exactly as it is, is what differentiates us from other companies. People always come first at Rocksteady, and that is a core value that we can never see any differently. Simply because it is ingrained in our mind-sets, and it is the way that we’ve always wanted Rocksteady to operate. Inspiration comes easier when everyone on your team is in a good mind-set. It allows us to find inspiration in the most unlikely of places, simply because it’s coming from the way we see the world and the way we feel inside – surely something we would always like to be remembered for.


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Published on Oct 18, 2021