If you’re reading this article then the chances are high that you’re either considering a job change or maybe even a whole career change.

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Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider working at a tech startup!

First off, let’s get our facts straight. For those of you who might be a bit confused as to what a startup actually is, here is a definition; A startup is a company that is still trying to figure out the market for its main idea and how to sell its product exactly.

Now that that’s explained, we’re sure you can imagine how exciting it is to work within a startup. Every experience is most likely a new one. Every mistake and every win is always novel.

You get to think outside the box, try most of the things you can think of, and most of all, you get to enjoy your job while you’re doing it!

If you work within the world of technology you might share the feeling that finding your next employer is no extraordinary feat. Opportunities literally jump out at you from every corner.

You will base your choice on a multitude of factors including; company culture, location, pay and commute time. Then you will weigh working at a startup against working at a company that will provide you all the security you can fathom.

The thing is, it’s 2021. There is no company that can offer you endless stability. Our world is volatile. We just might be living in a time where working at a Tech Startup is safer than working at a company that you would’ve never thought could shut down.

Tech startups are getting increasingly popular, and if you want to work in an exciting field with the potential for rapid growth, then it may be time to think about joining one of these companies, or better-yet, Rocksteady!

Rocksteady is a Start-up too!

“Start-ups are a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. We have found the trick to weathering the hard times by hiring happy, positive people that naturally focus on solutions not blame. It’s an inherent characteristic that you can’t really teach and leads to a very productive working environment”

Tech companies like Google and Facebook have dominated the tech industry for decades – but now tech startups are beginning to challenge these older, more established brands thanks to their flexibility and ability to adapt.

Research has shown that working at a startup company for one year can provide you with so much knowledge and variety that it can be compared to 7 years at a larger company.

Working at a Tech Startup can make you more adaptable, teach you how to better prioritise your workload, and most importantly of all – it will give you the opportunity to work on some pretty cool projects. Working at Rocksteady will give you the company culture you’ve always dreamed of, along with the right attitudes, freedom, and appreciation!

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